Welcome to the OMEGAlpes documentation for examples and article case studiesΒΆ

OMEGAlpes stands for Generation of Optimization Models As Linear Programming for Energy Systems. It is an Open Source energy systems modelling tool for linear optimisation (LP, MILP).

Various examples and study cases have been developed on OMEGAlpes.
They are stored in the following Gitlab: OMEGAlpes Examples
They are using a specified graph representation described here: OMEGAlpes Representation
Examples are developed to help new omegalpes users.
Article study cases are developed for scientific concerns.
To run both, you will first need to install OMEGAlpes library.
To do so, please, have a look to the documentation: OMEGAlpes Installation
Or to the README.md of OMEGAlpes Gitlab
Some examples are also developed on Jupyter Notebook for a better understanding.
To know how to run example python codes or notebooks, see run_and_notebook_help


The examples may be updated with the last developer version which may be different from the OMEGAlpes user (Pypi) version. Thus, you may have to run the examples with the developer version. Otherwise you have to select the example version corresponding to the current Pypi version. The version used is indicated at the beginning of the example module.

OMEGAlpes Examples and article study cases

If needed, have a look to the help on: